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this is the response I got about my greenlight challenger 6 pack I ordered on august 27th, some of you might want to check on yours. looks like I am screwed. aint it a cute smiley face though

Hi Tommy,

Yes we were suppose to receive this shipment just before Christmas, but the shipment was lost by the freight company (Old Dominion). Greenlight has been working with them to find the shipment, but it looks like it will be a lost cause. L We were reshipped the Auction Block R13 and Muscle R1 cases, but they were sold out of the Challenger sets. So if the shipment is not found we will have no choice but to cancel all pre-orders for this set.
I am sorry this is out of our hands, we are at the mercy of the freight company to find this shipment. If we do not see this by mid next week we will cancel all pre-orders. Sorry.

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Wow !!! that blows..I ordered a set through diecastalley on 1-5-2011 and it shipped on 1-6-2011 i have a usps tracking # and have been following it through the system.
FYI Diecast is out now as well.
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