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DWB w/ white stripes IMO is definitely the better looking IE color scheme - it's stunning really, especially in low light. Can't argue it will be harder to maintain and will show defects more easily.

Aside from the questionable long-term collector value of the IE, the DWB/white stripe was THE reason I bought an IE. If I could have ordered that color scheme in a normal SRT8 with black leather seats and added the other appearance package items - I probably would have taken that route.

Aside from being hard to keep clean, the white seats are growing on me. They are pretty audacious, but so is the car. It's hard to miss those white full body stripes against a dark blue background even in heavy traffic - this car is a major head-turner. And the red Brembos and red 392 Hemi badges totally set-off nicely against DWB also.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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