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Hard time picking

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After 18 Mustangs and a Shelby in the garage, I'm looking to trade it in for a shaker if I can get one from my dealer. The Challenger was my first love when i was a kid. My neighbor had one on the street under a tree for several years just sitting there rotting and i swore i would get one one day. Well I think it's time. I have had many cars in the past year and a half and I just have a sickness for cars. I'm having a hard choice if I can get my hands on a shaker with color choice. Either the Billet or White. Now I had a 14 SRT Grand Cherokee in Billet but I think that color has a different look on a muscle car than a Jeep. I know it's kinda a dumb question but I would like some opinions. I will find out today if things will work out. Thanks.
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I've gone back and forth between those two colors myself. The billet is definitely a muscle car color, but the white looks killer too. My vote would be billet though...its just perfect for these cars.
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