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Hard time picking

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After 18 Mustangs and a Shelby in the garage, I'm looking to trade it in for a shaker if I can get one from my dealer. The Challenger was my first love when i was a kid. My neighbor had one on the street under a tree for several years just sitting there rotting and i swore i would get one one day. Well I think it's time. I have had many cars in the past year and a half and I just have a sickness for cars. I'm having a hard choice if I can get my hands on a shaker with color choice. Either the Billet or White. Now I had a 14 SRT Grand Cherokee in Billet but I think that color has a different look on a muscle car than a Jeep. I know it's kinda a dumb question but I would like some opinions. I will find out today if things will work out. Thanks.
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It's not currently available in any trim. I am one unhappy customer because my 2015 R/T will be Sublime in color but with no Shaker. My dealer says orders for the Shaker will open in January. He got this info from his factory Rep. I did get the pearl leather with black trim, the 6 speed manual and any other option available. I will look exactly like this or they can keep it. My order went in yesterday and may not be picked up by the factory until August 7th. All July allocations have been filled. Mine will be an August allocation. I'm really happy with the look but I did want a Shaker. The big question is: Will Sublime still be available for order when the order banks open for the Shaker?

My car should look exactly like this:


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