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has anyone tried flowmasters long tube headers?

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I was about to do the 392 cam and longtubes but I wanted to try some longtubes that not mentioned to often on this site. I ordered stainless works longtube and was going to make a video after everything was installed but the idiots at waited until 4 in the evening on the day they were suppose to be delivered to email me saying they won't be sent out for almost 2 weeks so I canceled the order. Now I'm considering obx or flowmasters. The guy thats driving 1 of the fastest challengers on YouTube is running the obx and I kind of want to hear how flowmasters super 40's and flowmasters long tubes will sound together. I'm wondering why nether 1 of these longtubes are hardly ever mentioned?
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I had flow master super 44s with kooks long tubes on my 2010 auto rt and a lot of people said it sounded great but to me it sounded weird. Kinda sounded like it was underwater at idle. It was loud when you stomped on the gas. I just went to magnaflow magnapacks and like that sound a lot more. The car also feels peppier with the magnaflows then it did with the flow masters. Also when the MDS kicks in the flowmasters made it sound like a prop plane taking off. Just my .02 .
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