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That is total BS. Chrysler and Tremec should step up to the plate here. These TR-6060 transmission are complete and utter JUNK!

The NHTSA should force Tremec to replace all transmission including the ones in the GT500 and Camaro SS.

I sent a complaint to the NHTSA, maybe if everyone with tranny issues did the same it will force them to generate a recall.

I am personally going thru a tranny issue right now and my car has been at the dealer since Sat.

Called today for an update and they haven't even checked it yet. What was the
F-ing point of making an appointment if they weren't even going to look at the car?

Service is the worst I have ever experienced and I am not happy about that.

Wondering what those jugheads will say when they finally have my car apart?
Probably won't be very happy with that call either.

I will never buy another car with a Tremec tranny.

Tremec should really be ashamed of themselves here and I only hope their bottom line suffers as a result of these many documented failures.

Maybe then they will realize the error in their ways.

Hopefully one day Tremec will become synonymous with JUNK and go the way of the dodo bird, extinct!
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