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Sounds like a bad dealer/rep, I would fight it. Having a Hurst isn't grounds for having the transmission warranty nullified. My local dealer had no problem with my Hurst being installed when I took it in for the clutch issues, they covered the actuator and pilot bearings under warranty, but I had to pay for a new clutch and the labor. No restrictions or other issues with my warranty.

Keep us posted, but definitely fight it especially since you've had documented problems.

FWIW, the TR-6060 is known to have problems with the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts when the trans is cold. Once the fluid warms up after 5-10 miles it should be fine. This has been a problem for Camaro and Mustang GT500 owners as well.

If your trans is still notchy or grinding even after being driven for a while then there's something more going on than the "usual" problem.
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