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Having a hurst short shifter just got my entire transmission warranty voided

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Hey guys, been quite a while since I last posted here. I've had a lot going on career wise and the like, but a recent development here with my car has lead me to giving a bit of a PSA back to you guys on saving your warranty.

When I first got my car (2011 SRT8), I noticed some grindiness in the gears -- much more so than the 2009 SRT8 I had before that. After I brought it in, it was found that the clutch plate was not properly set by the factory and was never fully disengaging from the flywheel. They fixed that. I still noticed problems. Shifting 1->2 and 2->3 was still a bit grindy, but they assured me it would "work itself out" over the next thousand miles.

Over the course of the past 1.5 years or so, I've brought by car in 3 times for this grindiness and the fact that going from 2->3 will slam into the gate and refuse to budge unless you consciously make sure to push right while doing so (my 2009 had nothing like this and buttery smooth comparatively). Each time, they said the transmission was fine despite me repeatedly showing them in person how it'd slam into the gate easily. (Note that I have a skip shift installed, so it's not that -- plus its repeatable in all situations, even with the car completely off)

I was getting frustrated, but it was still drivable. This past Saturday, while parking (brake, parking brake, engine off, set to 1st) the handle of my shifter snapped off.

The car has 8500 miles on it, and I've driven my 2009 SRT8 much harder than I had this one (all with the short shifter, I might add). To me, this was evident of the stresses the faulty transmission was putting on the shifter. I took it in for service on Monday.

When I installed the shorter shifter myself on my 2009 Challenger, it accepted the stock shifter. I had my dealer (another dealer) install the one on my 2011 so I wasn't aware that a model change caused Hurst to have to grind down the stock shifters to fit the Hurst part. Therefore I came in expecting to have them replace the shifter itself no big deal and then I was going to press the issue about the transmission that they continually said they couldn't find problems with. They saw the shifter handle, and pointed out that it was ground down and mentioned they likely wouldn't cover it under warranty, and were having a Chrysler rep to come in and look at the transmission complaint (this now being my 4th time bringing it in for it).

Now we're up to 30 minutes ago, I got a call from the dealer saying a Chrysler rep was out, saw the hurst short shifter, and they are now voiding my transmission warranty wholesale. That I should expect an email shortly from Chrysler stating that fact.

I'm pretty livid at this point. The only "modifications" to my car are the Mopar CAI, a catback, and the hurst short shifter. Apparently if Chrysler gets wind of you having a short shifter, your whole transmission warranty is null and void.

I am obviously pursuing this further, but wanted to see if anyone else ran into such problems.
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What a mess... I'd call Chrysler executive customer care. I know the Business center in Texas is a pain to deal with but if you call executive customer care you can get the warranty bit straightened out. If I were you I would check your vin number in a few days if it's not warranty blocked. I would take it to a different dealer and get that fixed, and have the other dealer see the transmission noise. That should be enough for them to warranty the tremec. That transmission has all kinds of issues. Worst case scenario get a lawyer.
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