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I have a carbon fiber dash kit on my 09 Challenger, I love the look of it, and I get tons of compliments. On the steering wheel, I have a cheapo $9.99 carbon fiber steering wheel cover, it doesn't look like the rest of the carbon fiber, but it looks better than the wheel with no cover. For $340 the place I got the kit from can redo the steering wheel. B&I® Steering Wheel - Fully Customizable - 2009 Dodge Challenger Steering Wheel

Does that seem high? Is there a place that will do it cheaper? I like the wheel, so basically I just want it redone with carbon fiber. I'm hesitant about them because they don't offer the "real carbon fiber"
material which I have on the steering wheel, the black fiber is the closest match.

Or is there a steering wheel cover that more closely matches what I have?
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