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i posted this at the chargerforums, but want to make sure to get some exposure at the challenger forums as well.

i got myself a full kit of Hawk HP Plus brake pads without fully realizing that these are really mostly for tracks only. they're not suitable for daily drivers due to noise.

i've literately only just put them on this morning and drove it one day, and i am going to take them off for something that's more street friendly and more quiet.

since it has been driven, even tho only one day, 20 miles at the most. i can no longer return them.

i am asking for $140 for all four pads (front set and rear set). street price for these things are $240+. i am simply unloading these brand new fresh out of box pads for half price (20 miles on them) to off-set the replacement cost.

the part numbers are:
Part # HB563N656 (front)
Part # HB194N570 (back)

this would be perfect and more suitable for someone who tracks a lot and are starting to get into pro track braking upgrades. these things don't fade on the track, :redcap: so i heard.

$140 + USPS Priority flat rate shipping and it's yours.

PM me please.
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