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Tried doing a search on multiple forums, and on google. Didn’t pick up a ton of useful information that wasn’t general theory.

Been poking around for a while on information of head porting, component composition and configuration, and what the “best” setup is for FI application if one were to port an Apache head or buy Thiteks.

Does anyone have direct experience with this, and what was the opinion/thought process? Anything you would have done differently in retrospect?

Specifically looking for information on beehive vs. dual spring, valve sizing, and valve material used.
Application I’m trying for is a supercharged, moderate boost configuration not exceeding 20 lbs (and probably closer to 15). Bottom end is likely to be a 392 at 10:1. Possibility that by this point in the build, it may be a 426 at 9.5, if that changes anything.

Trying to understand the theory, but also trying to run this for street/strip, and most of the info I can dig up is for max effort racing builds for pro and semi-pro teams. Looking for something that’s will get a good balance of performance and durability for dail use and the occasional track/strip run on the weekends.


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