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Should headers be coated before installation?

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I know a lot of you don't coat your headers before installation, but I also know some of you do.

I coated the headers on my Ram SRT10 before installation because they are "in your face" when you pop the hood, and uncoated they just wouldn't pop like the rest of the engine compartment.

The Challenger SRT8 is a whole new creature. You can't really see the exhaust all that well, so I wouldn't waste my time/money coating just to make them look better.

But the advancements in coatings are such that the drop in underhood temperatures is worth considering when trying to decide whether to coat headers or not.

So may I see a show of hands from those running headers, did you coat or not, any additional comments are welcomed. Is it a waste to coat?

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I didnt coat my ARH headers after talking to the guys at ARH about it. they said they use a high quality stainless and you wont see any benefits from coating them. they also said it would be a shame to cover up the beauty with a coating and i agreed. seems like a waste of money.

no one has ever shown me a performance gain from a coated vs uncoated 304 stainless header. these arent those cheapass steel tubes
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