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Does anyone have a copy or printout of the 2008-10 challenger wiring schematics for the hid headlight wiring or/ and a schematic for the halogen light wiring???
I am going to install oem hid into my r/t which has halogen headlight.

I do know that the plugs r different at the headlight for the halogen& hid headlight, but I want to see if other than that, if the remain harness is the exact same or not?
And if having the can-bus reflashed at the dealer to recognize that the headlights r now hid instead of halogen is all that is needed?

I do also know that there is a great tread showing how to modifiy the wiring harness & adding a relay to make them work without having the car reflashed. Which is fine, but I want to make the switch completely oem if possible.

Does anyone know for a fact if the wiring harness for both headlight sys. are the same, except for the headlight plugs (halogen -3 wire plug, hid -a 4 wire plug, which has a extra ground wire) ,or of the harness are completely different??? That is the need for the schematics.

Thanks for ant info guys!!!
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