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hey all, thanks in advance for any insight.

in my 18, the driver side (next to uconnect) vent blows WAY weak even on max. much weaker than all other vents. any idea what would cause this? i assume perhaps that vent line is also the vent line that feeds the back seat vents?

the other issue is very odd. its cold here (shocker) and i was running my heat. it got too hot on high, so i turned it down to 70. still hot. turned it down more all the way to 65 and it was still hot. not as hot, but sure as hell not 65.

then i turned on the AC just to see what was going on, and on max it didn't get really cold. perhaps because its 25 degrees out my own perception of temp may be skewed. i dont know. anyone notice their challengers heat staying very hot even when turned down?
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