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Hellcat Auction

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The first Hellcat, specially painted Stryker Red (a very cool Viper color) will be auctioned off for charity at Barret-Jackson.

For details, read this article.
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i wish stryker was a 15 production colour, id get that for sure, the price of this car will be interesting to see and who will be the highest bidder will be
Jay Leno will buy it.
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Jay Leno will buy it.
Either him or Rick Hendrick.
I vote Rick Hendrick, it's a charity auction. Now that Ron Pratte is out of the auction game, Barrett Jackson needs another heavy hitter to take up the slack. Leno doesn't like paying over sticker.
i agree Hendrick. most of lenno's stuff are gifts from manufactures (well the new stuff). Hendrick will get a monster write off and the car. win win.
My Prediction: $125,00 It won't bring that much. Car has been over-hyped, can't blame them, we have never had a car this cool, Ford has had for 8 years.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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