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Hello I Need Help With RT Decisions!?

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Hi this is the first post I have put on this site, I am going to be buying a Dodge Challenger in the next couple months and was wondering whats the best way to do it? I will be buying the car with cash and am looking to get a black RT with a sunroof and Manual transmission.

My desired budget is $25000 & want to stay to that as close as possible.

1.Now whats the best year to buy the 2009-2015 I almost see no differences in appearance's so looks can be deceiving, so which year should I get?

2.Where should I purchase the car from, Autotrader, Craigslist or Ebay? I want the best deal for my buck.

3.What should I know about the RT before buying it?

Thank you & I appreciate your time!
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Not sure why others are encouraging to get the transmission you don't want but I think the answer to your question is there is no one best way. Use them all.

Start with one of the online pricing tools to have a cheat sheet for what you should pay for each model year with the options you want.

Use the search tools (AT, CL, eBay) to find 2011-2014 black R/T with stick and sunroofs and work from closest to farthest.

The only other advice I would give you is when working with dealer always say no to the price they are giving you and don't counter. As long as they know you are a hot lead they will not leave you alone. Just keep saying no until they get close then make an offer and then they may come back with a yes.

When I bought mine new, I had a sales manager tell me that he couldn't go any lower without losing money. The final deal was $2,200 under that number. Hot air seems in abundance in the auto sales business.

Good luck.
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