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Hello I Need Help With RT Decisions!?

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Hi this is the first post I have put on this site, I am going to be buying a Dodge Challenger in the next couple months and was wondering whats the best way to do it? I will be buying the car with cash and am looking to get a black RT with a sunroof and Manual transmission.

My desired budget is $25000 & want to stay to that as close as possible.

1.Now whats the best year to buy the 2009-2015 I almost see no differences in appearance's so looks can be deceiving, so which year should I get?

2.Where should I purchase the car from, Autotrader, Craigslist or Ebay? I want the best deal for my buck.

3.What should I know about the RT before buying it?

Thank you & I appreciate your time!
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Correct. Manually tranny did not have the timing chain recall.

if your budget is 25k I don't see you getting a new one if you are set on an RT as one of the posters suggested.

The newer the better although none are bad. In 2011 they updated the key lock entry system and gave it a better looking steering wheel if that interests you as well as some minor steering and handling tweaks. Also, the RAMs head was removed as well as the loser front cowl was turned from a smile to a frown. From 2011-14 there weren't any significant changes other than those if memory serves me correctly from an RT prospective.

I'd do the normal internet searches and see what you find in your area and check out a few. If you find a pre 2011 interior pic and a post 2011 interior pic you will see the difference in the steering wheel.
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