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I need some help guys I live in Iowa I’m going to be moving to four more less Virginia Beach Virginia area the house I’m looking at could be on the North Carolina border or in Virginia
My issue is I live in Iowa right now my car has no catalytic converter’s we don’t have inspections we don’t have smog testing.

I need to talk to somebody that lives in Virginia that has a modified car a.k.a. exhaust headers built motor or supercharger etc. etc. that knows how things work and do the smog test everywhere is it a visual test do they plug the computer in etc. etc. and how does that work in certain counties in North Carolina issue is I don’t know anybody in these areas so to get good solid information is hard it best especially when you don’t know where you’re even going to end up
Any information would be great I’m flying there tomorrow to look at the job and then start to look at houses to give anybody an idea that knows the area I’m looking at Chesapeake and Moyock North Carolina

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