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HELP: R/T Brembo Upgrade

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Need some of you gurus to look over some pictures for me!
I plan to have my Brembos (shown below) installed this weekend with much help from Jack (Jack09). Was wondering if any of you see anything I will be needing by the weekend for this install to go forward without any problems. I've been told I have everything needed from a few people, but I wanna make sure before we get half way through and notice something else we need to complete the job.

Also, would you recommend buying new spindlenuts for the job?

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OK, I know I saw the parts in person the other day and it didn't dawn on me until your post we didn't need new spindle nuts since we won't be taking the hubs off the front spindles, durr. Don't get old like me Chris, senior-itis sucks big time lol. See you Saturday!


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I would have the rotors cut, (turned), very lightly to make sure they are true.
Especially the one rear that is blueish.
Looks like it got hot.
Get a nice flat surface with a piece of sandpaper to scuff the pads with.

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