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Help! Vibration Noise

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I've had this problem for months now...Been to the dealership twice and they don't know whats causing it, Went to my uncles who is a mechanic and he doesn't know... I have a video of it but sorry for the quality its off my I-phone. It happens after I drive around for 10 minutes or so, Whenever I hold the break down the vibrating rattling noise starts but as soon as I hit the gas it goes away until I hit the brakes again. I originally thought it was my brakes however the second I pop my hood the problem goes away and doesn't come back for a while which makes finding the problem a F****** pain in the arse. The problem is on the left side of my car seems like its behind the steering wheel or inside the left side of my engine area (Just guessing because thats where it seems the loudest) The beginning of the video I'm holding my phone above my steering wheel then later when its loudest I'm holding it between my legs.

If anyone has ANY IDEA please tell me its driving me insane it is very loud especially when I don't have my music playing...
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Try the guy's on

They are great at figuring out all the unusual noises.
What type of hood do you have? it sounds like it may be one of the hood vents. It becomes loose while driving and then it repositions itself when you open the hood. Try removing them one at a time using plastic removal tools so you dont scratch the paint.
Something that loud and the dealer can't find it! Find yourself another dealer.
Are there any after market parts on the car? Especially under the hood.
Not sure how they didnt find it but then again they refused take my car and test it for some dumb reason(I had to drop it off on the way to work) Next week i've arranged to go on a drive with one of there mechanics so show him exactly what it sounds like.

Only aftermarket parts I have are CAI and Magnaflow exhaust I checked my CAI its in there solid shouldnt be the issue... I'm pretty convinced its the ABS because of what other people have told me on other forums I could easly be wrong tho.

I have the stock hood, I also checked the vents and doesnt seem like they are the issue.
Make sure the exhaust system isn't touching some part of the c h a s s i s. Keep up posted on what is found.

By the way, what engine/trans do you have?
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