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Hey all,
My first post. Just picked up a challenger RT, been wanting one my entire life. Problem is the suspension is too tight for me and I don’t know anything about coilovers. Based on the pictures do you folks know what I need to do to adjust these for a smoother ride? The car has been lowered and I don’t mind raising the car if that will result in a smoother ride. I also have the tools for the coilovers. I’m not sure if I can get a smoother ride with what I have or if I need different springs, etc. I’ve watched a couple videos but I’m really not a “suspension guy” and have no idea what to do. I called a couple auto repair places near me and both of them said they don’t work with aftermarket accessories. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) 1st question would be which coilovers. I assume you don't know and bought it this way? They look similar to KSport, but the body on yours is the same color as the height adjustment rings

In any case, most coilovers with adjustable damping (not all have it, some just lower height) have an adjustment on the top or bottom with a detachable knob or tool

IF yours are adjustable for damping, that's where you'd play to see if you can get a softer ride. If they are height only, you may not be able to change the stiffness, but raising them to (or towards) stock height would be the test

We have memebrs with coilovers, so hopefully one will add some info

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