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Hey Guys,

New member here, I've been lurking around since I traded in my STi for and SRT8 this past January. Finally decided to register and post because I've been searching everywhere for details of anyone that has mounted aftermarket non OEM fog lights, specifically '70 Hemi Cuda centered style lights. I have difficulty seeing at night due to eye surgery, on my Subaru I had 8 inch KC Driving Lights mounted on a rally bar and have been trying to get a similar set up on my Challenger. The 70s Cuda had two round fog lights sort of hanging down from the front bumper over the lower grille. Saw Challenger here in Austin, TX with a pair of lights in a similar set up on a stock bumper but i have not been able to find/contact the driver. Can't tell if he found a way to mount them from the bottom lip or hang them from under the bumper. Looking from underneath the car it seems there's a cross beam behind the bumper where one could drill through and mount the lights.

Anyone ever seen a similar set up?


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