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I want to share this with all of u:

-"...Hi, people what`s up it`s me challenger the talking car, problem?..."

That would say "challenger" a fictional character. no worries I`ll explain.

Yes, the car you actually know as Dodge Challenger (R/T, SRT8, 10, 11, SMS, etc) it`s at the same time an alive car :notallthere:

It`s begin like a joke, but in places like Spain and Venezuela it`s well known

"`ll never know what challenger will do next.." -MV users

The Beginning

I register myself like an user in a other forum, a spanish one, just to have a great time trolling... Troll (Internet) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Like a fan of muscle cars, I take nickname "challenger". Time passed and I don`t know exactly in witch point, (I think because I change the avatar to a challenger car) but people start to associated me with a car...

So, the jokes started, users of the web said: "...challenger you are a car, you can`t do this..." :disgust:

I was trolled hard, but one day I see a thread of my interest, then I thought:

"... if I do a Photoshop (known as chop) doing this, they will never say again I can`t do this..."

And all start. the chops were a success, and people start to have fun, and the same time popularity start to increase too like a rock star.

Not all its happiness there`s users who hate me but its a minor group.

How it works "the challenger jokes"

The original profile is this (in spanish):

Perfil de challenger | Mediavida
(You can check the long friend list and the signatures of them)

Let`s see this thread by example:

They`re talking about the Halloween masks, check post #14
Se acerca Halloween | Mediavida
That photo don`t need to be chopped

There`s a LOT of jokes like that.

The challenger-fever start and this causes the born of many others creatures, like a talking dolphin, tiger, t-Rex, a TV, and a long list.


Obviously my own personality, in a brief a cool "guy" but with a little of bad attitude.

challenger also has his own fan club of girls, called CHALLENGIRLS(fictional), hot and sexy womens are always around him. is very popular among girls :pimp:

Here Comes a New challenger...

This phrase comes from the battles of CAPCOM (street fighter Capcom), it appears when a new player enter to the game to fight against you.

There are others like: A New Challenger Appears, A Challenger Approaching, etc. all of them were associated with the Dodge Challenger.

So, what happen if... Here Comes a New Challenger really means Here Comes a New challenger?


Thanks to softwares like Photoshop, challenger has come to life, he can do things like humans do, and a lot more.

So, all you Dodge Challenger fans, I come here to show you all of this things to have your opinion.

Im showing you only little things, but there`s a lot done and a lot more are in the way.

If you can help me with photos, ideas or whatever you want to give more realism to this character I`ll appreciate it.

come on help me to bring this challenger to life.

Thanks to all of you for read/hear/see all this shit.

PD: Sorry about my bad English.

Twitter: @isthedodge

updating all

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Welocme aboard! :) You will find a wealth of knowledge on this forum.

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I would like to say welcome to the best Challenger Forum. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of the Admin/Moderators.

Also, please be sure to read General Forum Rules - Dodge Challenger Forum: Challenger & SRT8 Forums

Thanks for joining our forum, please enjoy and we look forward to your participation. :bigthumb:

Very nice introduction have some fun :guiness:
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