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Here's my baby!

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Finally done, what do you guys think?:clap:


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Me likey!!!! :D

Is that hood functional and where did you get it?

Thanks, I ordered it right from G5, & yes it is functional.
Finally done, what do you guys think?:clap:
Looks really great!
BUT, since you asked, the lettering on the front spoiler is too busy. To me, it messes up an otherwise classy, clean looking ride.
Not trying to hate, just my opinion.
Keep up the good work.
Nice Job! I agree the white lettering could go. I like the wheels and the Hemi stripe!
looks great :bigthumb:
I like it! And, I'll be different, the Mopar on the front looks good, kind of old school drag car look. Great looking car!
Looks mean! Nice photos and nice ride!!
Nice car!! I love the mopar M on the side.. Looks good there.. I might do that myself in a different color. Great job!
Now that is a SWEEEEEEEEET looking Challenger!!!!!!! Way to represent :guiness:
Your car has a very distinct, "old-school" look to it. I LOVE IT bro, looks tough as nails!!
I dig the MOPAR on the front; if I thought it would look the same on my R/T I would be all over it.

Hey, those aren't factory wheels/tires - I think you missed something in your description of things you have done to the vehicle. Is the stance you've got a result of the suspension work alone or are those wheels/tires larger than stock?
Just lowered it 1", wheels are 20x8 & 20x10 w/ 245-45-20 -295-40-20 BFG.
Looks sweet bro!!Way to represent!!!!
Thanks guys,for the input, good or bad , I like how everybody has a idea of what looks cool on these machines- my dream car is a 70 sublime T/A 4spd,but you gotta love the technology of these new ones!!!
Just lowered it 1", wheels are 20x8 & 20x10 w/ 245-45-20 -295-40-20 BFG.
Looks sweet , love the stance , don't like the mopar sticker though.

Are you sure you have 245/45/20 BFG on the front of the car? I didn't think BFG made that tire. You had to go with a 245/40/20 BFG and that would lower the front a tad.
yep, your right it is 245-40-20, good eye!!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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