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Just got done doing an exhaust custom mod check out post.

I'm taking my car to the track on the 15th of March opening day, just to
verify all my hard work.

Then I would like to install some high flow cats just to tone down the aweful
exhaust note and then run it back to the track and see if or what the high flow cats
will do.

What do you have? looking at 2.5" in and out.

Seen some on ebay for 50 bucks to 75 bucks seem to have a 200 count. I need more information
on what I'm looking for but I'm interested in smaller bullet size.

Ones I really like Megan Racing

Megan Racing

checking to see what you got, any information to educate me would be great, cats
I have very little knowledge.

Thanks Dennis

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Hello Dennis,
Thanks for the inquiry. We do not current have converters for the V6 that are bolt on. If you give Jeff a call at 905-703-1557, we might have a cat body that will work for the V6. Be VERY wary of anything on eBay. The ones that are $50 and $75 will burn up in a matter of a few uses. They are not usually made with the material needed to withstand high heat applications. They are usually ceramic, which will not hold up to the high temps.

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