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So I have a 2014 Challenger RT Blacktop with stock wheels. The wheels have gotten scuffed over time so I'm turning those into my winter wheels. The specs on the stock wheels are 20x8 with 24mm offset.

I am looking at a set of wheels that is 20x8.5 with 18mm offset.

So the wheel is 12.7mm wider total (6.35 per side), and the mounting is pushed 7mm closer to the center of the rim (so the outer edge should be 12.35 [6.35+6mm] further out). So the scrub radius should only change about 3 mm and have minimal effect on steering, but my track width should grow by an inch (24.7mm)? Rubbing shouldnt be an issue as the smaller positive offset almost exactly cancels the extra width.

Ya I know, may be more than I need to care about, but I like to try to understand what I'm doing. Trying to google this all out is only getting me so far. It's a daily driver so just a squared up tire set up in stock size will work for me.
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