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1) Due to the success of our engine sale we are extending our sale prices on our stroker short blocks. With a BES/HHP stroker you too can have record setting performance in your car.

392 Stroker Starting at $4295.00

426 Stroker Starting at $4295.00

Now available from BES/HHP 6.1L aluminum blocks. Contact us for info. on turning one of these aluminum blocks into a fire breathing HHP/BES Forged Short Block.

2) We are offering deep discounts on all catback exhaust sytems and free shipping on all cold air kits.

3) $$$$$ Special discounts on Superchargers $$$$$

HHP and HHP Carolina only install specials:

$200.00 off any set of heads with install.

Free installs of headers and torque converters with head and cam installs.

Free detailing on any build over $7500.00 ($100.00 value)

Catback systems installed for $100.00.

Free pick up and delivery on all builds over $30,000.00 within a 500 mile radius of either HHP location. The vehicle must be in driveable condition.

(Other discounts avaiable for vehicles that must be towed.)
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