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Hi All,

Sorry for bringing up the HIDs again :)

I am toying with the idea of installing HIDs in my 2018 SXT+, and have it pretty much narrowed it down to EnlightAuto vs. DiodeDynamics.
I am looking for the least invasive and safest option (found the surprisingly expensive mopar dustcaps, in case I need to rollback :)), which means installing with a relay harness and anti-flicker module.

1. Diode Dynamics - very reputable, lots of mentions on forums etc. I have an email thread with their rep in which they are NOT recommending an installation with a relay harness IF I need to install an anti-flicker module. They also told me that I HAVE to install the anti-flicker module, because 15+ Challengers are known to be problematics without them. This pretty much leaves me with the only option of no relay harness and drawing the power from the stock wiring, which I really do not want to do (to a point of dropping the whole HID idea.)

2. EnlightAuto - seem legit, have extremely helpful tutorials on YouTube and make quality claims on par with DD. The kit they provide comes with both relay harness and anti-flicker module, which is featured in their installation video (still can't post links, "Englightauto challenger hid" search on youtube should do the trick)

Both of the kits are priced similarly, boast the same features (light cutoff etc), pretty much the same warranty (DD - 3 years, EA - 2year).

Any ideas/advices? Anyone had experience with one or another?

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