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I just got my 2009 RT a couple of days ago. Some of you have seen it. A standard all HO RT with the duck tail style spoiler. I immediately started thinking about black stripes on the hood and sides.

I was cruising buy Hooters today and saw a couple of the girls out in the lot looking at some guys honda or some such??? So I turned around and drove into the lot and several of them came over to check out my Chally. One of the Girls mentioned that I should paint mine with white stripes so it matches their orange and white outfits. At first I dismissed the thought.... but then started thinking about it.

What I'm thinking about doing is the SRT style hood stripe and the Classic RT style side stripes with the RT stacked (all in white or silver) I may do my spoiler in white too

I saw what a couple of you all did for Goeher. Can anyone help me out here?

Has anyone else painted their HO Chally with white stripes.

Thanks in advance..... I love this forum

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