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Okay, I'm either going to drop $$$ into my SE to improve the handling or trade-in & up on an R/T.

I've researched the suspension options - springs, struts, coilovers, sway bars, bushings from Mopar, Bilstein, KW, Eibach, Hotchkis, Pedders, et cetera.

However, my main complaint is the STEERING on the '10 SE. It's too light and floaty - like a Buick. I've test driven the '10 R/T which has "Performance Steering" and the '10 R/T with the Super Track Pack option which has the same "Performance-Tuned Steering" as the SRT8. They are 8x and 10x better than the SE - firm and responsive.

- So what exactly did Dodge do to improve this steering?
- What components (new steering box, rack-and-pinion parts) were changed or modified?
- Could these "Performance-Tuned Steering" parts be bought as OEM SRT8 parts and then installed on SE's and R/T's w/o the STP?

I'd really appreciate anyone's insight on this one to help me decide what to do to have a better STEERING Challenger. Thank you.
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