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How Much should we pay for RT 2011?

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So I went to a dealer yesterday, wanted to know how much would it be for me to buy/order from them and RT full package:Nav, Sunroof, Auto, STP, 750N radio (hope the right one).
The guy counted $38,200.
Is it a good price or Ii should wait till summer or fall until better deals come up?
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Just got two quotes. One was $200 under invoice and the $1,000 incentive (38,075 MSRP down to a $34,905 purchase price).

Second was invoice plus incentive. So about $200 more.

I'm hoping maybe I can get a few bucks more off, but I'm not counting on it. I think I may have to pull the trigger at this point. Inventory is getting kind of slim to get exactly what you want.
How much of a difference is there between the '10 and '11 model? I'd be looking for the STP package with a six-speed, and I'm not so concerned about the other options. I'd love the light blue color they had, but I guess it's not available now.
I found this thread useful for comparing years.
Not picky. I've looked online at 2010's and they're advertised higher than the 2011's because (as I'm told) of how they're optioned, classic or not. I guess I don't have to worry about depreciation.:notallthere:
The best deal I was offered on a new 2010 was $5,500 off of MSRP. That was for an automatic and I think you can do better for a manual.
27,800 and the 1000 rebate for a 2011 R/T 6spd, with Toxic orange paint, and r/t hood to fender stripes. 27F package I think, aka standard base package. Of course that is plus tax, lic, extended warranty.
With the rebate that is about $4,400 of of MSRP. The best quote I have gotten on a 2011 is $3,300 off of MSRP. Sounds like a good deal if you like a base model.
Yesterday I looked/drove a 2010 R/T Classic, Fushia, auto, loaded, stickered 39k, clearanced to $34,750. Salesman says bottom line. Still less than 50 miles on it. Wife likes the color and white seats.:notallthere:
Definitely sounds like they are holding out on you. I would flat out ask them what is invoice and how much is Dodge giving you.
Just got my best quote. MSRP 38,590. Price 34,651. Discount of 3,939. That is about 700 better than any other offer I have received.
I saw a used 2011 R/T for the first time since looking. Too bad it had exactly one option and that was automatic. Plus they were actually asking more than you could get one new.
Stopped into a local dealer here in Fort Worth, MSRP 38625, they wouldnt come down any more than 2900 off that, said i was getting bad information, (comparing some of the info from here), said the 2900 was no profit. I have yet to shop him around. Found another up in Denton I'm going to try this weekend.
That seems to be the going price as far as I can tell. That is basically invoice plus the $1000 incentive. I have only found one place that was willing to go much lower than that out of about 30 or so quotes I have gotten.
Wombat, What was the dealer that was willing to go lower??
Town and Country in Levittown, NY. I didn't ask them what dealer fees they have. That can always be the catch. Low price, but then they try and stick you with extra fees.
Is dodge offering any incentives or discounts for 2011's right now? I some dealers in my area discounting r/t's and SRT's up to 3800 off MSRP.
Dodge is offering $1,000 incentive right now.
Just checked their website and it says must take delviery by 5/31/11 so it seems thats not available anymore.
I have gotten plenty of quotes after 5/31 that include the incentive. According to Edmunds it is through 9/6/2011.

2011 Dodge Challenger Incentives and Rebates
On the Dodge website it is now saying they are offering 2K off on the 2011 R/Ts. Although none of the car sites are showing this (edmunds, Can anyone confirm this?
On the Dodge website it is now saying they are offering 2K off on the 2011 R/Ts. Although none of the car sites are showing this (edmunds, Can anyone confirm this?
Had this confirmed by a dealer. This may be what pushes me to get one. So now I'm thinking 2K off for the incentive and another 2K off to get the car to invoice.
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