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How Much should we pay for RT 2011?

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So I went to a dealer yesterday, wanted to know how much would it be for me to buy/order from them and RT full package:Nav, Sunroof, Auto, STP, 750N radio (hope the right one).
The guy counted $38,200.
Is it a good price or Ii should wait till summer or fall until better deals come up?
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The '11 I'm looking at: Toxic Orange, 6 speed, 3.92 axle, 20" wheels, no stripe or sunroof.
1,979 tax
_147 lic/fee
35,110 total
- 1,000 rebate
$34,110 total (wife hits roof)

Personally, I don't want to pay more than 30k out the door.:dunno:
I don't know how picky you and what you want in general BUT there are quite a few of left over brand new 2010 R/T's. I drove two states away to get my car. With the internet and all the different search engines...I found my dream car for the price I wanted.
Not picky. I've looked online at 2010's and they're advertised higher than the 2011's because (as I'm told) of how they're optioned, classic or not. I guess I don't have to worry about depreciation.:notallthere:
The best deal I was offered on a new 2010 was $5,500 off of MSRP. That was for an automatic and I think you can do better for a manual.
Yesterday I looked/drove a 2010 R/T Classic, Fushia, auto, loaded, stickered 39k, clearanced to $34,750. Salesman says bottom line. Still less than 50 miles on it. Wife likes the color and white seats.:notallthere:
I'm not trying to negotiate to the last penny but I don't want to feel ripped off even if they show me a piece of paper that says invoice.:dunno:
That's a great price, on all of them. I was actually looking at a '10 with 6k miles for that.:notallthere:
1 - 5 of 82 Posts
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