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I realize this is a little late, but maybe it'll help someone else that comes across this thread.

California is awesome (not) when it comes to taxes and registrations. They *really* don't want you to bring a new or near-new vehicle in from out of state. The two specific areas that hurt are...


What this means is if you buy a new car and bring it into CA it must have more than 7500 miles. Not only that, if you bought the vehicle less than 1 year ago you have to pay the state the difference in sales tax from where it was bought and where you live. I *believe* the DMV only applies the county tax rate.

So say you bought a car out of state 6 months ago and paid 5% sales tax, now you want to register it in CA. If your county sales tax rate is 7.75% then you have to pay the 2.75% difference. They're nice and give you a tax credit since, obviously, it's illegal to make you pay sales tax instead they just get you for the difference. :icon_evil:

Buy in Oregon (No sales tax) and you'll be stuck with paying the whole amount. On a $32k sale that's nearly $2500 you'd have to pay the state if your local rate is 7.75%.

Oh, BTW, the "use tax" applies to ALL vehicles bought within 1 year, new or used. Basically, don't buy out of state unless the deal is so awesome that you will still be ahead after paying the taxes.

Isn't CA awesome?
Well, you guys keep voting in all the hardcore liberals, what do ya expect! :scratchhead:
81 - 82 of 82 Posts
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