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So I used to have an iPhone 7 but just got a new iPhone XR and went to my Bluetooth settings and deleted my iPhone 7 before I realized that my new iPhone was gonna be recognized as my old phone. I have been unable to pair my new phone since. Every time I try it just says pairing unsuccessful and make sure the device is within range. Does anyone know how to add a device back to your unconnect after you have deleted it?

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Welcome to Challengertalk. I don't believe you can retrieve a connection after you have deleted it. Looks like you are looking at figuring out how to get the XR paired. Some people have had issues I believe. Make sure you are using the precise directions. Choose your setup here:

(If it gives you a page with no instructions, try a different browser)

See if it works. If not, you may have to try some resets on the phone

The Jeep guys are saying this worked for some

So here is what worked for me.
I "forgot" the uconnect
then shut off the bluetooth in my setting on the phone
then I shut the phone off
then phone back on.... bluetooth back on and repaired the phone with overriding the priority level in the system (she asks/prompts you if you want to do this..just say yes) and now it works fine

Good luck

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