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To adjust the fog lights:
1) Locate small hole directly under fog light on the underside of spoiler (all pictures are the right fog light)
2) Look inside, you will see a small Torx screw facing down just on the side. It will look something like this:
...and closer into the hole:
3) Tightening/loosening this torx screw will drive the whole assembly up and down and thus raising and lowering your fog light
**keep in mind, you will need a longer than normal torx wrench but you do NOT need to jack the car up. I already adjusted mine and I believe it was a 7/64 size but verification on that would be nice
4) If you look closely at this overhead view picture, you can see the long screw that drives the assembly up and down. It is just to the right of the red tab release on the white connector for the H11 bulb (forward is left in the picture and this is just behind the washer fluid if you're looking down)

Hopefully this answers some questions for some of you. Let me know if you like this, have any questions or anything to add. Thanks!


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