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How to clean undercarriage?

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Okay so my 2010 R/T classic is my daily driver. I try to hand wash her any time I get, to keep the salt, dust, and grime off the body. I was wondering how does one keep the underbody of the car clean? I did get the undercoating protection when I bought the car, but I'd still like to get any salt or sand off everything to keep it clean. Do I need to have a lift to clean the underbody? I thought about going to one of those drive thru car washes that does the underbody, but am afraid of my wheels getting damaged with that thing you gotta hook it up with and then put in neutral.

Thanks in advance
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It's funny that you posted this question Omaha, as I've been pondering the same thing. I usually use a hose, lay down on the driveway and squirt water underneath to wash it the best I can. The problem is that I find it to be very inefficient (not to mention cold and wet) since I do the vast majority of undercarriage cleaning in the late fall and winter due to accumulatation of salt from the roads.:disgust: I've been brainstorming (scary thought) and figured that I would try and attempt to make a portable undercarriage washing device to make my life a bit easier.:browsmiley:

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what about using those large brushes with handles for cleaning wheels and tires?

You could load it up with soapy water, then spray with a nozzle to rinse the soap and road grime off w/o having to practically get under the car.

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I would second the car wash idea, many of them have undercarriage cleaning.
Yep, we have a "touchless" carwash that does underbody wash. However, the wheel of your car has to be hooked up to the sliding roller. I'm afraid that the metal of the wheel holder might damage my wheels. Is this not a big deal? People with 20"s go there all the time.
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