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I've had many request for an installation thread for this mod, so here you go! this is one awesome grille that really gives it an old school Cuda look Removing the fascia is the first step is pretty easy, but that needs to be covered in another thread.

Fascia must be removed from car. It is not necessary, but easier if you remove grille unit from the fascia.

Now we will remove the chrome grille trim ring and headlight bezels.

Here is what the back side of the headlight bezels look like. They are held in with several snap-in clips.

Use a flat screw driver to depress the tabs and pop out the headlight bezels.

The Chrome trim ring also has locking tabs, but these must be grinded down so the the trim ring can be slid out of the grille housing.
If you should ever want to go back to the stock grille arrangement, the tabs can be easily locked back on with epoxy putty.

Most of the locking tabs can easily be ground down until they are flat. Don't grind them completely off, just enough be able to remove the trim ring.

There are a few that are harder to reach. One easy solution is to turn the grinding disc backwards on a body grinder.

Carefully grind off the locking part of the plastic tabs and watch your knuckles!

Remove the trim ring and the 2 headlight bezels and put them away for future use if you ever want to return the car back to stock.

Remove the 2 nuts and aluminum bars from the back side and test fit the grille. Usually no trimming is required but now would be the time check for that and fine tune it.

Use 2" tape to fasten the grille to the plastic housing. The grille must stay in the correct position so check the front side to make sure it looks good before moving on.

This is what the back side looks like with the grille in place.

Make sure the mounting studs are securely tightened - finger tight is enough, but make sure to apply some lok-tite
to the threads so it won't viberate loose later on.

Bolt up the aluminum bar as shown in the picture.

Using an 1/8 inch drill bit, drill 3 holes through the aluminum bar and plastic grille's mounting surface.

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Using provided #8 sheet metal screws, drive in the 3 screws as shown in the picture. You can also use 1/8" pop rivits from your local hardware store.

Here is the back side with the screws in place. Now do the other side the same way.

Once this is done, unbolt the grille. You may want to unbolt the center baffle and paint it body color to match your car.

This picture shows the baffle painted red to match the R/T emblems.

Next, make sure to properly clean all surfaces where the tape will mount. This step is very important to do properly and correct temperature is also important for the tape to stick well. To prevent separation at a later date, we highly recommend using an adhesion promoter and/or additional 3M urethane adhesive on the inner mounting surfaces. Once you are ready for the final install, peel and fold back the corners of the red tape backing on the top and bottom. Only expose about 1 inch on each corner.
Now you can bolt the grille back into the Housing and when you are sure it is in the correct position, pull out the red tape backing.

The next step is to hang the fascia on the car. Due to the weight of the fascia, the OEM black plastic grille has a tendency to spread open once bolted onto the car. If the 3M tape alone is not strong enough to hold it and a gap develops, there are 2 ways to solve the problem.

1) Use urethane 3M adhesive behind the tape as mentioned earlier to securely bond the Danko grille into the OEM grille, clamp and let dry.
2) Or, use several strips of foam rubber in between the metal bumper and the fascia to support the weight of the fascia which will close the gap. (1/2" thick rolls are found where the door seals are at Home Depot)
Once you are happy with the appearance of the grille, remove the nose again and apply some loc-tite onto the 2 stud/nut threads that hold the grille.

You can now install the grille/fasia assembley back on the car and don't forget to email me some pics for my website!!!! ([email protected] Of course, you can also call me at 305-934-8663 in you need some technical assistance over the phone.

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