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I'm starting this discussion of the Smart Access cable installation in case others are looking for info. This cable is needed for '18+ Mopar vehicles in order to read (and write w/ an unlocked PCM) the OBDII port using a HPtuners device.

Disclaimer: The smart access cable should be removed if you are taking vehicle to a dealer for warranty/repair as it would likely block their computers from reading fault codes!

It took me about 30mins to remove the instrument cluster bezel, unmount radio & security module, and install the cable.


The instrument cluster bezel was carefully removed w/ a plastic trim tool, then radio was unmounted. I did not disconnect cables from radio. I did disconnect neg battery terminal as an extra precaution.

2 security module mount location.jpg

Security module as seen looking down the radio hole. It is mounted w/ 3ea 1/4" nut screws. Used a small ratchet to remove.

3 security module connectors.jpg

The yellow/pink connector is where the smart cable plugs into.


Another view of the security module (flipped 180 degrees).


Smart access cable and the (4) radio and (3) security module screws.

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This should be a sticky. I see folks on HP tuners asking how to install this. Might be more as warranties are starting to expire on the +2018s.

LoL...I have the same red dice on my RT.
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