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2020 Challenger SP WB - Hellraisin, A8, Plus Pckg, Tech Grp, Driver Conv, Alpine, Sunroof, Spoiler
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I'd welcome any shared personal experience (and pics) with hydro dipping plastic engine parts. I'd also welcome any shop recommendations if there are shops that people here have used and trust. I had a hard time finding any relevant threads that would open. It seems like the pre-2016 threads aren't opening for me, but this could be user error.

I'm just now starting to do a little dressing up under the hood of my 2020 Challenger Scat Pack WB in hellraisin. I ordered matte black catch can, under hood kit, and fuse box cover. Maybe a coolant topper next with a bee on it or something, havent ordered that yet.

I also ordered hood prop covers in plum b/c I didn't think the black would really be noticeable. I want to hydrodip the fuel rail covers to match the body color and keep the gray/silver 'powered by SRT' on the rail covers. Also thinking of dipping the intake box cover in either body color or carbon fiber.🤷‍♂️
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