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Hi, This is what Kenne Bell has supplied to write the tune to the PCM as part of the supercharger kit.
Is it just a tune writer full stop or can it read/clear codes and with software on your laptop data-log?
I am struggling to find much out about it.
KB supply very limited info with it (instruction how to load tune and that's it) which is OK as that is what you pay them for so not knocking them just trying to find out can I data-log with it?
If not that leads to another question, I will still have my Diablo I-Tune so after KB's tune is in the car I know the Diablo will not be able to do any tuning parameters but would it still work as a codes reader and be able to data-log?
I would really like to watch what is happening with short term and long term knock and some other parameters to satisfy myself the tune is "safe"
I am confident in KB's ability but nothing like verifying for your own peace of mind.
As always looking for experience/knowledge of others that may have already been through this,
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