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If you REALLY want to cry, look at this:

Have a 2010 RT. Some A$$wipe swerved right into my lane (fast lane) of the highway on Feb 18 when he realized the car in front of him was going too slow. I was doing about 60 to 65 MPH. It was in the collision shop for 1 month and cost the insurance company $21,500 to repair. It now ,looks beautiful and the paint is better than the factory's. Going to court in 2 weeks over the accident. He got a ticket for improper lane change and they gave me a ticket for careless driving. The cop wasn't even there but still gave out tickets.
The paramedic said to me " I thought you were dead when I saw the damage. I never saw anyone walk away from a crash this bad, you're really lucky" as I sat dazed in the driver seat. Someone above was looking after me. Airbag did NOT deploy.
I didn't have them put any stripes or badges back on anywhere on the car. I will post some 'after' pics if anyone wants to see them.

Warrior Steve


1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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