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Have a 2010 RT. Some A$$wipe swerved right into my lane (fast lane) of the highway on Feb 18 when he realized the car in front of him was going too slow. I was doing about 60 to 65 MPH. It was in the collision shop for 1 month and cost the insurance company $21,500 to repair. It now ,looks beautiful and the paint is better than the factory's. Going to court in 2 weeks over the accident. He got a ticket for improper lane change and they gave me a ticket for careless driving. The cop wasn't even there but still gave out tickets.
The paramedic said to me " I thought you were dead when I saw the damage. I never saw anyone walk away from a crash this bad, you're really lucky" as I sat dazed in the driver seat. Someone above was looking after me. Airbag did NOT deploy.
I didn't have them put any stripes or badges back on anywhere on the car. I will post some 'after' pics if anyone wants to see them.

Warrior Steve
That is enough to make you want to cry. You are very fortunate to have walked away from that accident.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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