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I had a chance to ask Loren Trotter, the Dodge Challenger Brand Manager, this EXACT question, while looking at a 2015 on July 9th in Portland, Oregon. The shape of the black surround is different, and the 2015 light assy won't fit inside ours, nor will the black surround of the 2015 fit in ours. No chance to mix and match to make it fit. That and the LED system with the canbus, as noted above, makes this a no go.
Meanwhile, enjoy your fine car, I bet it looks great the way it is, and I for one prefer my 2013 tail light look, and the sequentials make it even brighter, cooler and safer. The LEDS on the 2015 look kinda wimpy when the brakes are applied. Only the center strip lights up, about a 3/4 inch wide band. Here's a shaky picture taken while following one during the day, in the rain:

Lane Asphalt Vehicle Road Windscreen wiper
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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