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The only shifter on the market for your Challenger that has self centering springs. They help mask the slop that is in the gear selector rod. This gives you a perfect 2-3 shift EVERY time. The transmission has internal springs but the problem is that when you change gears from the left gate of gears 1 and 2, and the right gate of gears 5 and 6, back to the center gates of 3 and 4, the shift rod moves back to where it needs to be, but because of the slop in the yoke, the linkage does not center back to where it needs to be, leading to missed shifts. The centering springs in our shifter will help aid the yoke and linkage back in alignment with the selector rod

To Order: Barton 6-Speed Short Throw Shifter 2009-2019 5.7L, 6.1L, 392/6.4L, 6.2L Challenger

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.14.34 PM.png

Throw reduction 44%

- FULL isolation of the handle from the shifter makes this the quietest shifter we have ever produced.

Full replacement
- No transferring of rubber dust boots. Comes complete with all boots.

If you have any further questions feel free to call us (561) 687-3712 or PM us.

- Alexis
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