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In need of a few interior parts, 2008-2010 Chally

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Hi all. Looking for a few interior parts from I BELIEVE 2008 to 2010, but 2009 and 2010 for sure. I need;
Front seat headrests, two - any color, any condition, doesn't matter. They're getting re-covered anyway.
Rear seat foams only, mainly the 60/40 foams but might be interested in seat base foam as well.
Both front seat back map holders or snap in plastic pan inserts without pocket. Either way, need the pans and the rings they snap into. Any color, any condition, just no damaged plastic.

Email me directly at [email protected] if you've got any or all. Thanks!
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I've got the back frames/foam pieces, shipping will suck a bit but if you're interested let me know.
As far as the back seat, I really only need the backrest foams. I don't think I'll need the frames. AND, shipping might not suck so bad after all! I travel 90% for my job, and I'll be in the Detroit area for 3 or 4 days either next week or the week after. If I pack light I could probably get them into my suitcase for the flight home! Email me please!

Apparently, I'll be in Michigan one week and Wisconsin the next, so whichever is closer.
Headrests on the way! Still looking for rear seatback foam and bucket pans (back) with retainer rings.
I have the complete rear seats in leather. PM me for prices if interested.
Guys and gals... Please read. I appreciate everyone's offers of front and rear seats, sunroofs, engines, transmissions, etc., BUT all I REALLY need are the rear seat FOAMS (no leathers, frames, brackets, etc.) And the pans and the rings they snap into from the backs of 08-10 bucket seats. I have no need for a complete interior. I am retrofitting a set of Hurst logo Katzkin seat covers made for a 08-10 Challenger to fit my 07 Chrysler SRTD 300C. Everything fits perfectly, and I'm just about finished, but the Chally rear headrests are a bit taller and wider than mine, so I would like to graft the Chally EVA headrest into my foam for a nice tight fit. The Chally bucket back covers are designed for use with the seat pans, and are missing a large square section from the back, hence the need for the pans. The 300 SRT bucket skin has a solid back cover, no pans.This is a custom application, so in order to avoid wasting money on stuff that "might" work, I need to be very specific. 08-10 ONLY, and just the foams. Thanks!
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