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May 14, 2020 - per Stu at Inertia Motorsports instructions, I shipped my 6.4L heads to their machine shop DPP Enterprises, Inc. (Finish First). I was promised that the shop would use my my heads. Not another core.
June 1st – paid $2250 for porting and CNC work on the heads.
June 12 – notified that heads were shipped back and ordered $1050 in parts.
June 15 – received heads and noticed that they were dirty and the work was not to my expectation nor my engine builder. I had to pay for local machine shop to examine the heads.
July 1st – had to call Inertia Motorsports to find out where the rest of my parts order was and to inform them what the local machine shop had found out from the returned heads. They weren’t usable for the following reasons:
  • They were not my original heads as promised because one of the heads has never been on an engine
  • The heads had 2 spring locators on 2 exhaust valves when there should have been 1 on each.
  • One of the exhaust valves was .50 below the other exhaust valves.
Stu from Inertia Motorsports asked me to let him and the machine shop make things right and to ship the heads back to the machine shop. Stu also offered me a rebate at that time for all my troubles.
July 3 – finally received the remainder of the parts order.
July 9 – unusable heads shipped back to DPP Enterprises, Inc. (Finish First) via their FEDEX account and insured for $2400.00. FEDEX lost the heads, it took a week for anyone to inform me of this. When I spoke to the machine shop, they said they would build me another set of heads before the end of July and that they were going to file a lost claim with FEDEX.
August 1 – still no heads; according to the machine shop, DPP Enterprises, Inc. (Finish First), two of their machines broke. But supposedly they fixed the machines and finished the heads.
August 3 – I was contacted by DPP Enterprises, Inc. (Finish First). FEDEX was asking me to sign a release so that they could continue with the claim because FEDEX doesn’t want dual claims. I had no problem with that. HOWEVER, the shop is now refusing to send the heads until they receive the $2400 from FEDEX.
It is now Aug 20, I have paid $2250 for ported/CNC heads almost 3 months ago and no heads, extra money spent on having the local machine shop look at the first delivered set, and now that Im not going to get my original heads, Im going to have to order extra parts such as springs. Im out time, money, and stress. These companies will have been compensated either by the money I have spent with them or claim money from FEDEX. Where does that leave me?
As a customer I have done everything that Inertia Motorsports and DPP Enterprises, Inc. has asked of me with the hopes that as a trusted and well recommended business they would do the right thing. They have not returned calls, not given me the product I have paid for in good faith nor offered me anything to compensate for the extra time, extra money spent and incredible frustration this whole ordeal has caused.


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Wow and I thought I had bad luck. Seriously tho, what are the odds after all that FedEx loses the package. They've lost head gaskets in the past for me too
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