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Hi everyone! The last few days I've been tackling the 392 intake manifold install onto my 5.7 along with my dad. I have a question about the length of the injector wires caused by a mistake I made.

So I have the MSD box connected to my injector to read the RPM, but I connected it to the side with the green terminal on the injector. The MSD box isn't reading the RPM correctly and I have verified that it is on the correct settings.

Since I cut WAY to close to the base of the injector clip (check attached image), I decided that I am going to replace the entire injector clip (which I didn't actually know was an option - thank goodness) with this one:

My question really revolves around this: is it alright to have 1 injector clip that has longer wires than the other injectors? Given my novice experience with wiring, I don't really want to have to cut into all 16 injector wires and splice new clips on.

I just thought it would be easier to do it this way to kinda "start fresh" on those two wires since they've been to hell and back the last two days haha...
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