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Installed a JEGS Catback on my R/T six-speed

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Well, on 3/20, the first day of spring, I began the installation of a JEGS catback for my R/T.

I say "began" because the exhaust system would not clear the differential on the driver's side if hooked into the rubber body mount ahead of the differential.

It was clear that the manufacturer, Heartthrob, used an auto with a "peg leg" differential - the six-speed's limited slip is quite a bit wider and it wouldn't clear. This is a photo of the problem right here. with the pipe pushed against the diff, there's still a 2" or so gap from the hanger to the mount.

So after calling JEGS, the manufacturer sent me this modified hanger

So I guess all is well. I would have preferred getting a re-bent pipe from the muffler to the rear resonator - but it works.

Now that this was my final, FINAL install (I hope) I took the time to even everything up, retighten the clamps on the system, adjust the exhaust tips, et al. Here's how she sounds with the new exhaust....

Everyone has different preferences, but I like the sound of this system. I should have done a video before and after, but trust me, it's much louder, and deeper, than stock.

But six speed owners - just be aware, it won't fit out of the box. I have no idea if JEGS/Heartthrob will mod the exhaust - I'd imagine it's such a low volume seller that it won't happen.
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i have a jegs exhaust on my 6 speed rt, and the only issues was expanding the stock mid pipes. it cleared the stock diff fine.
Was there any change in 2010 vs previous model years? Or I wonder if there was a change in the pipes on the system. Because it definitely didn't clear and there was no way to orient it any differently to make it clear. The pipe needed to be out further towards the outside of the car maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches for it to have worked.
I am highly considering this cat back since it's not insanely expensive and it's built by JEGS which is a pretty good company in my book. Does anyone have any track experience with this cat back? I'm obviously not expecting immense power gains from a 400 dollar cat back but with 3 inch mandrel bends I'm hoping I'm not paying solely for sound
Mine was close to touching the cross member,but doesn't make any noise.i just ended up leaving it alone.i love the sound of mine and believe it has to flow better then stock.the stock mufflers and resonators look like such a bottle neck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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