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I purchased the Solo Cat Back system about 1 month ago. Finally had the time to install it 3 weeks ago.

The most difficult element was removing the passenger side components which is the majority of the OEM exhaust system. I read on this site that you should soak the X pipe that connects to the Cats with penetrating oil, critical. It was necessary to support the exhaust with a 5 gallon bucket and pull from the tail pipe to eventually work it loose from the pipes leading from the Cats. Eventually got them separated and what relief.

Next, I installed the well manufactured and packaged Solo Mach X system. I followed the installation instructions and and viewed a few installation videos and it went together smoothly and overall easily. The most difficult part was the tail pipe quad tips. I have the passenger side sitting perfectly, but need to adjust drivers side slightly.

The vehicle was supported by Race Ramps in the front and floor jacks in the rear. BTW, this installation was done solo.

Finally, kudos to Jeff Boychuk and his organization for marketing a well priced and manufactured product. The system provides a much needed improvement to the exhaust note for this retro-style vehicle.

Much appreciated,

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