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Hi Everyone,

Had to FINALLY bring in the R/T for the air bag recall. I was very reluctant because I've never had my car into the local dodge dealer for service and I was very nervous. Fortunately, the repair bays are open to viewing, I could see my car the whole time, and they drove it in and out and put it in the same spot I had it. I also told the service writer that I was very nervous and to please be careful. He understood though I would imagine that under his breath he was muttering something...

Anyway, to the story. A few years ago I had a custom tune created by a ChallengerTalk member who was prominent at the time (i've not seen much about or from him in a few years) and I had it loaded since receiving and fine tuning. On the morning of the work being done I took got my tuner and replaced the stock tune just in case the dealership plugged in (which, it turns out, they did because they told me of a code that registered) and said something. The car is well out of warranty so I don't really know why i cared but I did and swapped in the original tune. Fast forward to getting the car back, I immediately pull over once I left the dealership and started replacing the original with the custom tune. I looked on my Diablo tuner and the custom tune was not on the list which I thought was curious but I knew I had it on my computer at home so I just loaded the pre-made 93 octane tune that comes with the Diablo. I have to say that it SEEMED like the car liked that tune much better. At one point on the way home, and in the interest of science, I punched it while I was rolling about 10 MPH and the rear tires broke loose even with the traction control on. That never would have happened with the custom tune (I tried, again, in the interest of science). The car felt better, responded better, I don't know, just was better. Am I missing something? Did I not get the car dialed in correctly three of four years ago? I just wonder now. I put back the custom tune and the car feels like it did before the canned tune but not better. Opinions?


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